What is the Kohatsu Method ?

kohatsu method

In a word, it is “manual therapy that approaches the nerves and brain to instantly change the body.”
It improves the transmission of nerves quickly and restores the body’s functions.

All of our bodily functions and activities are carried out by nerve transmission.

If nerve transmission is hindered by injury, illness, or fatigue, the body will not be able to function as it should.

If the transmission of nerves can be optimized, the various functions of the body (joint range of motion, muscle strength, blood and lymph circulation, etc.) will be improved.

As the various functions of the body are restored, symptoms such as pain and numbness will also begin to improve.

KOHATSU Method develo Kohatsu Yuichi
Kohatsu Yuichi

Personal history

  • 1968 Born in Osaka
  • 1987 Graduated from private Okinawa Konan High School
  • 1993 Graduated from (vocational college of Yukioka School of Allied Health Professions)
  • Obtained national qualification as a judo therapist
  • Opened Kohatsu Judo Therapy Practice
  • Currently organizes KOHATSU Method seminar

Aiming to become a professional baseball player, I enrolled at Konan High School, a regular participant in the Koshien National High School Baseball Tournament. Although I received offers from businessmen and universities, I gave up my pursuit of becoming a baseball player due to injury.

This first-hand experience with injury inspired me to become a therapist, and after graduating from high school, I obtained a “national license for judo therapy” and opened a general osteopathic clinic in 1993.

From the first year, it was a popular osteopathic clinic, welcoming around 100 patients each month, however I began to feel a dilemma in that I could not “cure” the patients.

I studied chiropractic, PNF, and other fields of interest in order to become a therapist who could truly heal, but it was not enough and I could not say that I was able to treat all patients.

I then focused on the miraculous natural self-healing capabilities of human beings, and spent my days conducting my own research in pursuit of this knowledge.

I established the Kohatsu Neuromuscular Pain-Free Therapy, in an effort to save even one person who is suffering from pain and about to give up on his or her dreams. I have been busy mainly with “athletes who are dedicated to their craft” from world-class athletes such as Matsui, all the way to students who are devoted to their specific discipline of sport.

In addition, with the further hope of therapists and trainers improving their capabilities, the performance of Japanese athletes will surely increase, thus more therapists will provide hope for people with various diseases. “I want to pass on my skills to as many therapists and trainers as possible”. Since 2016, I have been concentrating my efforts on mentoring young practitioners.

Kohatsu Yuichi


We have treated more than 500,000 patients in total!

Elite world-class athletes and many patients with intractable diseases and chronic symptoms have been treated cured.

KOHATSU’s techniques are trusted and highly regarded by doctors and other healthcare professionals.

Personal trainer of Hideki Matsui & Tomoaki Kanemoto

Hideki Matsui major league baseball player (former Yankees), World Series MVP

Tomoaki Kanemoto baseball player (former Hiroshima Carp, Hanshin Tigers, Hanshin Tigers manager)
He holds the world record for consecutive games played without missing an inning(1492)and consecutive innings (13686)(1999-2010)


Tomoaki Kanemoto

During his playing days, he suffered a serious torn supraspinatus muscle injury, but miraculously made a recovery with the help of this therapy. He was the first person in the world to overcome this injury without undergoing surgery.


asahara nobuharu

He suffered a strained ligament just before competing in the Masters Athletics held in Spain in 2018, but with this treatment he achieved a result that was close to the world record in the 4x100m relay.


Hiromi Miyake

She competed in five consecutive Summer Olympics, the most among Japanese women. Before competing in the Rio Olympics, she developed back pain, but with the help of this treatment, she recovered successfully. She won the bronze medal.


Professional soccer player after a coracoidectomy surgery


College handball player tore a ligament in his right ankle


A former hairdresser with C2 and C3 cervical fractures

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